PVC Stabilizer MB640

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PVC Stabilizer MB640 MB640
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  • Product: PVC Stabilizer MB640
  • Grade: MB640
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  • Unit: Kg
  • Producer: Associated Additives, S Africa
  • Packing: 25Kg/Bag
  • TDS: Download TDS Downloads :45
  • Description: Almstab MB640 is a barium/lead-based complex made of a blend of PVC stabilizers and metallic soaps. It is used for stabilizing and lubricating highly colored PVC injection and extrusion moldings. It is a transparent compound that can be used as a substitute for Cd/Ba/Zn liquid stabilizers in PVC applications such as wire and cable, flexible extrusion and injection molding, rigid extrusion and injection molding, calendered sheet and film.

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