High Density Polyethylene 0035 (HDPE)

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High Density Polyethylene 0035 (HDPE) Details

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  • Product: High Density Polyethylene 0035 (HDPE)
  • Grade: HB0035
  • Second title: -
  • Unit: Kg
  • Producer: Bandar Imam petrochemical company, Iran
  • Packing: 25Kg/Bag
  • TDS: Download TDS Downloads :59
  • Description: Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic polymer produced from the monomer ethylene and is available in two major types of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density poly ethylene (LDPE); the difference is that HDPE has a larger strength-to-density ratio. Poly ethylene is an enormously versatile polymer and is produced in a large variety of grades suited for varying applications. HB0035 is a blow molding extrusion grade which offers high impact strength, good stress cracking resistance and high stiffness to the products. Its applications range from bottles for bleach, motor oil, toiletries, mild and distilled water to small containers etc.

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