Why IranPlast 2016?

Why IranPlast 2016?

Tehran International Exhibition Centre | Tehran , Iran | 13-17 Apr 2016 it is one of the largest and most important exhibitions in Iran, in the fields of Raw Materials, Machinery & Moulds, Auxiliaries and Services for Plastics & Rubber industries, as well as, one of the most magnificent ones in the Middle East region and Asia. Historically, IranPlast has had a growing trend from the very first edition in 2002. Since then, more than 3000 companies from Iran and other countries have participated at such a great exhibition event. The first 5 editions of IranPlast were organized annually but from the 6th session, it became a biennial exhibition, in order to enhance its quality, structure and organization. IranPlast is held under the condition that while in the previous edition more than 750 Iranian and non-Iranian companies had participated in this exhibition and more than 68,000 trade and public visitors had visited this show. It is estimated that more than 800 local and international companies will participate in current Iran Plast edition.

  • Iran is a large country with very rich gas, oil and mineral sources and reservoirs. Located all the
  • way in the northern coasts of the Persian Gulf and partly in the southern parts of the Caspian Sea and neighboring with former CIS countries in the north; Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east and Turkey and Iraq by the west, Iran is considered as a multi-axis bridge which connects the CIS lands to the countries in the southern parts of the Persian Gulf from one side and also the Far-east countries; Middle East and Europe, from the other side. So that, one may call Iran as an important “Hub for International Business”.
  • With 75 million populations, Iran is a great consumer market at a very strategic part of the world, demanding for all kinds of consumer goods and its relevant industries, and logically, petrochemical industries and products enjoy of the same position.
  • Naturally in such business atmosphere, many industries and refineries, plants and workshops are working round the clock to supply the unlimited demands of domestic and international markets.
  • As far as petrochemical industries and products are concerned, exporting of raw materials, finished and semi- finished products is one of the most important solutions for supporting the petrochemical industries and even some other national industries from financial viewpoints.
  • Combination of these potentials with the modern technologies of other countries can create very unique opportunities for active national and international companies in these fields.
  • Right now and at this present world’s economical, many entrepreneurs believe that participating at famous international exhibitions, one like IRANPLAST, may open new gates in front of the companies which are looking for progressive and continuous business opportunities.
  • In this regard, IRANPLAST International Exhibition is one of the best and the right places for bounding diverse parties which have common targets and try to derive more benefits by this sector.
  • It is expected that during IRANPLAST 2016, more than 800 Iranian and non-Iranian companies and organizations gather under one roof in order to exchange their scientific & technical knowledge, technologies, potentials and demands and finally, create a fully win- win business.

Exhibitors Profile of IranPlast Expo 2016:

1- Raw Materials:

Thermoplastics - Polymer Blends - Compounds - Granulates - Polystyrene-Ethylene & Polyethylene- Polyamides - Masterbatches - Polypropylenes - PBT Blends - Polycarbonate Blends - Polyethylene Terephthalate - Polyurethane Thermoplastic - PVC Blends- Thermoplastic Elastomers - Copolymers- Resins - Melamines - Casting Resins - Polyester Resins - PU Elastomers - Foams - Polyethylene Foam- PU Casting Resins - Rubbers - Additives - Stearates - Release Agents - Stabilizers - Lubricants - Fillers- Pigments- Adhesives & Glues- Coating Materials - Synthetic Fibers - Phenolic Resins - Silicon Compounds - Paint Resins - Alkyd Resins - Reinforcing Fibers & Materials - Mica - Intermediates – Auxiliaries - Catalysts - Cleaners - Laquers.

2- Finished & Semi Finished Products:

PP, PVC & PE Pipes & Fittings - Packaging Products - Films & Sheets Production - Packaging Containers & Wares- Pharmaceutical & Food Packaging Films - Packaging Foam - Plastic Rope & Yarn - Laminated Products - Labels - Pet Bottles - Rubber & Silicon Products - Rubber Sheets - Conveyor Belts - Rubber Parts, Rollers & Coverings - Silicon Ribbons, Hoses Profiles & Parts - Floor Coverings - Industrial Parts & Products- PE Tubs & Drums - Plastic Pallets - Industrial Curtains - Polymeric Sheets - PET & PP Straps - Industrial Plastics, Parts & Profiles - Industrial Containers - Nets & Grids - Brushes - Plastic Parts & Products for different Industries - PU & PVC Sprays - Industrial Coils & Reels - Baskets & Boxes - Floating Jetties - Automotive Composites - Parts - Composite Parts & Products for different industries - Composite sheets - Nano Composites - Decorative Plastic Parts - Foam Products- Packaging Foams- Foam Sheets & Blocks - Silicon Foams & Sponges - Insulation Foams - Household Petrochemical Products - Construction Products - Wall Covering - False Ceilings- Profiles & Panels - Floor Covering - Sealing Tapes - PVC & UPVC - Doors & Windows Profiles – Accessories - Sanitray Parts - Insulation Products - Extruded Parts & Products - Vacuum Foaming Products - Forging & Casting Products - Shrink Films - Streth Films- PET Films - PVC & PVDC Films & Sheets - PP & PC Sheets - Acrylic Sheets - Bubble Films & Sheets - Compounds & Granules as Products - Disposables - Recycling Products - Non Plastic Products.

3- Machinery & Equipment:

Mixers - Grinders - Crushers - Pelletizers - Compounding Lines - Recycling Lines - Industrial Ovens- Extruders & Extrusion Lines - Press & Compression Machines - Foaming Machineries – Net Weaving Machines - Vacuum Injection Moulding Machines- Forming Machines - Bending , Folding & Edge Trimming Machines- Cutting Machines - Ultrasonic Cutting Machines- Laser Cutting Machines – Punching Machines- Printing & Marking Machines - Printing Machines for Bottles, Cans & Leather – Silk Screen Machines- Coationg Plants - Knitting Machines - Welding Machines - Moulds & Dies- Automation Equipment & Machinery- Material Conveyors- Assembly Systems- Pneumatic Machines-Ancillary Equipment- Heating & Cooling Technology - Cooling Towers- Chillers - Compressors - Steam jet Heaters- Fans- Filters- Measuring & Test Equipments- Parts & Components.


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